Our team consists of experienced individuals who are dedicated to promoting sustainable living.

Nabil Khalouf

Execution Manager

Nabil Khalouf, our proficient Execution Manager, meticulously oversees the operational facets of our business. With a keen eye for detail and strategic planning, Nabil ensures the seamless execution of our initiatives.

Jocelyne Saade

Business Development and Funding Specialist

Jocelyne Saade, our Business Development and Funding Specialist, leads our business development initiatives. Specializing in research, development, and procurement, Jocelyne is passionate about sustainable practices. She represents the company in funding programs, exhibitions, and collaborative ventures, forging key partnerships and securing opportunities for Grade A Plus.

Naji Flitti

Workshop Supervisor

Naji Flitti, our adept Workshop Supervisor, is entrusted with maintaining the highest quality standards of our products. With a wealth of experience, Naji guarantees that every Grade A Plus item meets our stringent quality benchmarks.